Joshua Shuman Psychologist

Welcome to a website dedicated to the work and interests of Psychologist Joshua Shuman. Currently, a working psychologist who provides both therapy and psychological assessment, Joshua takes great pride in the progress of his patients. Originally from Dayton, Ohio, Joshua has spent most of his professional career around Dayton and Cincinnati. This website will provide Joshua Shuman with an outlet to discuss everything from his career to what people need to do to pursue psychology as a profession.

Always wanting to serve in a profession where he could help others, Joshua Shuman takes great pride in the work he did for the Dayton VA Medical Center. He provided comprehensive psychological assessments and treatments to veterans and their families. Our nation’s veterans need to know that many supportive outlets are available to them as they transition back to civilian life. Our nation continues to progress in removing the stigmas traditionally surrounding mental health. It’s okay not to be okay and need someone to talk to. The stresses associated with military life for both soldiers and their families can be severe. A psychological assessment is often the first step in providing patients with the care they need.

In addition to his experience working with veterans and their families, Joshua Shuman is a psychologist who has experience as an assistant professor at Wright State University and a psychologist at Upper Valley Medica Center in Troy, Ohio, just 20 minutes north of Dayton. There’s a serious demand for psychologists in America. This website will provide guidance for those interested in potentially pursuing a career as a psychologist.

What Does It Take to Become a Psychologist?

There are many paths to becoming a professional psychologist, but earning a bachelor’s degree is the first step. The desired major is typically psychology, sociology, or education. However, other degrees can still set a person on a path to earning a master’s or an eventual doctorate in psychology. More career paths will open up to those who go on to earn a doctorate degree. However, specific concentrations like social work, marriage therapy, and family therapy only require a master’s in psychology.

For those who decide to pursue their doctoral degree, Joshua Shuman notes that they must choose between a Ph.D. and a PsyD. A PsyD is the practical degree for clinical psychologists. The Ph.D. is more focused on research, those Ph.D. or Ed.D. psychologists can, and often do, provide therapy and assessments. Those who are studying and realize they want to teach psychology to future psychologists can do so by earning any of those three degrees.

Throughout the doctoral degree process, a future psychologist must find practica and then an internship program. Joshua Shuman really appreciates this stage as it provides the opportunity to learn from licensed psychologists and get a sense for what a day in the life looks like. Typically, states will require an internship or postdoctoral program to provide a new psychologist with at least 1,500 hours of experience before they can practice independently by obtaining a psychology license. While this may frustrate some, Joshua Shuman recommends making the most of this time as it can shape where a person wants to take their career.

For more information on obtaining a psychology license, Joshua Shuman recommends contacting your state psychology board. Every state has unique requirements.

Becoming a professional psychologist with a doctoral degree is a great way to enter a profession with a level of security – as the need for professionals is high. It’s a calling for most people who get that far. People are drawn to the idea of giving back and helping people in need. Joshua Shuman believes people who want to make an impact will have an easier time navigating the difficulties of earning the degrees required to be a professional psychologist. The work is intensive, but it is also very rewarding.

Future blog posts will continue to educate people on various mental health topics. Joshua Shuman is hopeful that this website will help grow mental health awareness and encourage people who have not considered utilizing the services of mental health professionals to do so. Life isn’t always easy, but help is available to those seeking it. Be sure to visit the blog often for the latest insights from Joshua Shuman.